Live Nation - Twenty One Pilots
24 November

Twenty One Pilots

Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park

Presented by Live Nation
The Clancy World Tour

24th November in 5 months

The Grammy award winning musical duo consists of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, and formed the band in Columbus, Ohio, in 2009. Known for their eclectic blend of genres including alternative rock, pop, and hip-hop, they gained widespread recognition with albums like "Vessel" and "Blurryface."

Their discography covers a wide range of topics, from mental health battles and existential crises to love, faith, and resilience.
Tracks like "Stressed Out" and "Ride" from the album "Blurryface" explore the pressures of adulthood and the longing for simpler times, resonating with listeners navigating similar struggles.

In contrast, songs like "Car Radio" and "Migraine" delve into themes of anxiety and insecurity, offering a raw and honest portrayal of inner turmoil.
These tracks often feature intricate wordplay and poetic imagery, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences.

Twenty One Pilots also incorporates elements of hope and redemption into their music.
Tracks like "Trees" and "Holding On To You" convey messages of perseverance and self-empowerment, inspiring listeners to push through adversity and find strength in their vulnerabilities.

Their more recent releases, including singles like "Level of Concern" and "Shy Away" from the album "Scaled and Icy," continue to showcase their evolving sound and lyrical prowess.
With each song, Twenty One Pilots invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and emotional catharsis, creating a deeply immersive and transformative musical experience.

Beyond their musical endeavours, Twenty One Pilots has crafted a rich and intricate narrative universe, engaging fans through cryptic symbolism and thematic storytelling.
Their artistic vision extends far beyond just the music, creating a multi-dimensional experience for their audience.

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Qudos Bank Arena

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Sun, 24th November

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