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Coast Box Office is your on-line, self-managed Ticketing Agency. Set up your Venues, Brands, Events, Shows, Gigs, Seating Plans, Tickets and start selling direct to patrons today.

No commission and no ticket fees. Simply subscribe to Coast Box Office for the duration and number of Active Venues Seating Plans* needed using our no-fuss plan. Run your accounts, box office and check-ins all within our on-line service.

Create your own Ticketing Agency!


Manage up to 2 Active Venue Seating Plans* on a month-to-month subscription. Ideal for single Venue with an Allocated Seat and General Admission Plan. First month is free!

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Manage up to 10 Active Venue Seating Plans* on a competitive yearly subscription. Ideal for multiple Venues in same complex.

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Manage Up To 50 Active Venue Seating Plans* on a yearly subscription. Ideal for Agents managing multiple Venues.

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* Subscription limits the number of Seating Plans you may have active at any one time. You may have an unlimited number of Venues for promotional purposes. Seating Plans are important if you wish to sell tickets to your Events. A Seating Plan may involve allocated seats or unallocated, general admission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Coast Box Office compare?

Other booking services will charge on each ticket sold. This will usually cost you between AU$1.50 and AU$4 per ticket sold. A single show in a 400 seat theatre can cost AU$1580* in booking fees alone. Instead, Coast Box Office charges a flat subscription and allows you to build in your own fees on tickets if you wish. The more tickets you sell, the cheaper Coast Box Office becomes.

* Based on Laycock St Theatre Booking Fee Schedule (2020-21)

How flexible is the ticketing system?

You may create any number of Ticketing options based on price, seating, seasonal discounts, coupon discounts, comps, staff-only, and progressive availability. Set the base price, tax and optional fee components. You may also set seating section and seasonal premiums or discounts to be applied at check-out.

Can I operate just as an Agent and list my talent at any venue?

Yes. You do not have to operate a venue to list Talent or Events. You may choose to just use Coast Box Office to simply promote events or even talent such as a band. There is no obligation to sell tickets on the platform.

Can I just show my events on Coast Box Office?

Yes. Each Agent has their own unique address to our site. Using this will ensure only your content is shown to visitors.

What's the difference between a Venue and a Seating Plan?

A Venue represents a place where an Event will happen. You can have as many of these as required if you are just promoting Events. A Seating Plan is where we connect Venues with Events for selling Tickets. You may have multiple Seating Plans on any Venue. Seating Plans are limited by your Subscription.

What equipment or stock do we need?

You only need a PC or laptop to get started. You can even manage booking from home, take phone bookings or just manage your listings. Tickets do not require any special printers since most guests will have their tickets electronically, or can present their ticket on their phone when they check in. You can of course print multiple tickets on a standard A4 printer if you wish.

For checking guest into your venue you may purchase a basic 2D USB Scanner that just plugs into your PC or laptop with no additional set-up. Entry-level, hand-held scanners such as the Eyoyo USB 2D CCD Wired Barcode Scanner is all you need. Just ensure it is a 2D scanner with QR Code support. Plug is straight in via USB and Coast Box Office will recognise it automatically.

What is Season Booking?

You may add any number of Show exhibitions to a Season which may apply a premium or discount based on how many are booked. There are some very flexible options including independent Season dates and booking requirements.

What Premiums or Discounts can be applied?

Coast Box Office offers very flexible price modifications based on Seasons, Exhibitions, and Seating selection. Prices will automatically adjust based on selections made. This can include a price premium on certain exhibitions or seating, or discounts for similar options. Coupons can also be generated for exhibitions and distributed to your patrons to apply to their booking at checkout.

Is it difficult to set up my Venue?

We've made it very easy to get started. Simply enter your basic row and aisle configuration, then visually move seats as needed. We also support flagging certain seats as unavailable or only available for certain guests. Create sections of seating and directly control their availability as exhibitions sell out.

What if my Venue does not need assigned seating like just General Admission?

No problem. You may create as many seating plans for your Venue as you need, including a maximum capacity-based plan with unassigned seating.

Can we get assistance setting up our Venue?

Absolutely. Check out our YouTube Channel for helpful advice and feature demos. Our service team will be happy to support you getting started.

What Media can I upload on my Events?

You can add pictures, videos from YouTube and sound files hosted on the internet. For pictures you may want to add we recommend the following sizes:

  • Brand Logo: JPEG 160 x 160
  • Event Logo: JPEG 900 x 500
  • Season Banner: JPEG 900 x 150
  • Venue Banner: JPEG 900 x 150
  • Seating View Picture: JPEG 500 x 500

You may upload pictures up to 1Mb in file size. Files will be resized to fit and compressed as needed. We recommend preparing your pictures in your favourite editor before creating your listings.

What if there is a feature we need that is not available on Coast Box Office

Our development team welcome your ideas for improving Coast Box Office. Whist there is no guarantee that your feature request will be included, we do make every effort to consider all requirements in our product update cycle.

How does auto-fill booking work?

By default we auto-fill every booking, then allow patrons to manually adjust their seating if required. The auto-fill feature is based on your seating section options and designed to optimise the filling of seats with a true "best available" approach. Guests can be confident that they will always get the best seats available for each exhibition. You may exclude any seat or section from being auto-filled.

How do we get paid for Ticket Sales?

Coast Box Office uses Square. You will need a Square account, activated for Payment Processing in order to sell tickets. Then just activate your Square Account in your Agent settings and you're in business.

Are there any additional fees?

Coast Box Office has no platform fees other than your subscription plan. You may however incur fees using Square, and there is facility to pass these fees to your patrons in the ticket pricing. Such fees are included in the total revenue your receive and can be optionally excluded from any refunded amounts for canceled bookings.

Can we upgrade or cancel our subscription if needed?

You may upgrade from the Starter to Premium plan on your monthly roll-over. Plans may be canceled at the conclusion of their billing cycle, monthly or annually.

Do we deal directly with customers?

Yes. Coast Box Office gives you the Account and User Management features needed to work directly with your patrons and customers. You can accept phone booking, in-person bookings, process cancellations and refunds.

Is Coast Box Office mobile-friendly?

Our system design is a mobile-first approach giving patrons a rapid and uncomplicated booking experience. Patrons can even access their tickets on their mobile device for quick, paperless check-in. Some administrative features benefit from a larger screen for access all information.

Can we trial Coast Box Office?

Yes. The Starter Plan gives you the first month free. After this you can subscribe in order to continue using the service.

What Countries can we use this service in?

Currently we only support the Australian market.