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The Quarters - Bull's Hit Artists

Bull's Hit Artists

Presented by The Quarters

This hilarious new entertainment experience features perfectly accurate impersonations of legends of music, movies and more.

This show reveals the musical influence of Bull on Australia's Glibb Brothers, especially Barry, including how Bull named them BG's. Journey with Bull to Britain and hear from John Beatle, Ozzie Airborne, even secret agent James Bond. There's music from Unsatisfied Mick of Stones, David Stardust and Joke Ocker, plus songs that inspired Rod the Mod and the mercurial Freddie while Kenny and Dolly welcome you to country.

Kate appears from the bush, Elf Expressly (say it out loud) from the bayou and meet Meat moving like a bat outta hell! As Bull's ‘handle' is ‘messiah', then it's obligatory to include Luciano the opera singer.
There's a Cher in there, Mrs Browne from Ireland, the Godfather, a high profiled former US president and more.

The live event is introduced by the current Prime Minister of Australia in this parallel world, the illustrious and celebrated The Rt Honour-a-Bull., Dr Sir Mervyn Ford (OMD, HAF, EIEIO) who after one consultation with Bull was inspired to make use of his name to get out of any sticky situation.
Politicians, footballers and even members of royal households now repeat his name every time a nosey newscaster mentions something they'd rather the public didn't know, declaring “I'm Mervyn Ford.” As journalists everywhere say, ‘So much Bull yet so little time.'

Now your appetite has been whetted, which is better than the bed, you will undoubtedly insist on procuring a ticket to witness how mere mortals became overnight sensations due to the hits bestowed by Bull.
Thereupon earning the designation: Bull's Hit Artists!

Bull is the original Austr-Alien, the modest messiah of music, the reluctant rock star and true source of hit songs recorded by international artists across planet earth in a parallel universe.
Bull himself stars in this one-man show with a cast of thousands.

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Sat, 25th March

in 4 days. Tickets from $59

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Saturday, 25th March at 7:00pm Sat, 25th Mar 7:00pm
The Quarters, Forresters Beach
The Quarters

The Quarters

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1 Show
3 hrs 30 mins
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