Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round and let me spin you a tale of mystery and intrigue. A tale so enthralling, so captivating, that it will have you on the edge of your seat. The tale of The Hollow, the beloved play by the queen of crime herself, Agatha Christie.

Set in a secluded country house, The Hollow is a classic whodunit that will keep you guessing until the very end. The story follows a group of guests who have gathered at the Hollow to relax and unwind. However, tensions rise and old secrets are uncovered when a murder occurs. As the detective arrives on the scene, he must use his wits and cunning to unravel the mystery and identify the killer.

This play is a masterclass in suspense and intrigue.
With twists and turns at every corner, it will have you second-guessing every character and their motives. From the uptight lady of the house to the charming but enigmatic doctor, everyone is a suspect. You'll find yourself eagerly watching each scene, trying to piece together the clues and solve the mystery.

But what makes The Hollow truly entertaining is the brilliant writing of Agatha Christie.
Her characters are complex and fascinating, with hidden depths and secret motivations. Her dialogue is witty and sharp, with a biting humor that keeps the play from ever becoming too dark or serious. And her plot twists are so cleverly crafted that they'll leave you gasping in disbelief.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you, then let me tell you about the Woy Woy Little Theatre Company's production of The Hollow.
This talented group of actors and directors are bringing their own unique flair to the play, with stunning sets and costumes that will transport you back in time. With a limited season at the Peninsula Theatre, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

So come one, come all, to the Hollow.
Where mystery and intrigue await. But be warned, you may find yourself so engrossed in the play that you forget to breathe.

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An unhappy game of romantic follow-the-leader explodes into murder one weekend at The Hollow, home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell.
Dr. Cristow is at the center of the trouble when his mistress Henrietta, ex-mistress Veronica, and wife Gerda, simultaneously arrive at The Hollow. Also visiting are Edward (who is in love with Henrietta) and Midge (who loves Edward). Veronica ardently desires to marry Cristow and succeeds in reopening their affair but is unable to get him to divorce his wife. Veronica unwisely states that if she cannot have him, no one shall. Within five minutes Cristow is dead. Nearly everyone has a motive and most had the opportunity. Enter Inspector Colquhoun and Sergeant Penny to solve the crime. motive but only one of them did the deed.

"The Hollow is a 'who's going to get it' that quickly turns into a 'whodunnit.' A genuine crowd pleaser and a worthwhile evening of entertainment" ~ Leah D.
Frank, The New York Times

Woy Woy Little Theatre is presenting The Hollow at Peninsula Theatre Fri, 19th May to Sun, 4th June '23

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Woy Woy Little Theatre | Saturday, 18 March 2023

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