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Sounds of Musical Theatre
Sounds of Musical Theatre


John Waters has explored and honoured his relationship with Lennons music for 30 years with co-creator and musical director Stewart DArrietta in many incarnations of the Glass Onion theatre show.

John Lennon was the voice of a generation, and for many more that followed.
Imagine and so many other albums and songs remain poignant and relevant today.

This time John Waters and Stewart DArrietta are back with the fabulous Liverpool Band, bringing you the latest instalment of their hugely successful interpretation of Lennons music.

With an intimate take on classic hits, including the Imagine album favourites, come and experience this iconic show - The Lennon Songbook in Concert - Lennon like youve never heard before.

All the songs you love, and even some you didnt know you did, in a dynamic show for all the generations.

8pm, Saturday, January 21, 2023.
Book at the Art House.

Source: Sounds of Musical Theatre on Wed 16 Nov.

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