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Wyong Drama Group - Ladies Day
Fri, 21st to 29th April

Ladies Day

Red Tree Theatre, Tuggerah

Presented by Wyong Drama Group
A superbly observed story in which relationships are put under huge stress before the feelgood-factor ending. Amanda Whittington's sporting romp is as much fun as a day at the races and, arguably, better value for money.

Ended on Friday, 21 April 2023

by Amanda Whittington
Director by Cathy De Vries

Ladies Day is set in Hull, England and takes place in a fish-processing factory in the early 2000s. The play follows the story of four female fish processors, Pearl, Jan, Shelley, and Linda, who decide to take a day off work to go to the local horse races for Ladies Day.

The play is a comedy that deals with themes of friendship, working-class life, and the search for excitement and adventure.
The characters are relatable and the dialogue is sharp and funny. The play is set in the factory and the racecourse, and the audience is able to witness the characters' journey as they go from being stuck in their mundane lives to experiencing new adventures.

Ladies Day has been performed around the world, it's a feel-good and uplifting story that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
The play is set in a variety of locations including the factory and the racecourse, and it's filled with memorable moments and a lot of humor. It's a play that deals with heavy themes in a way that is accessible and relatable, and it will leave the audience feeling entertained and inspired.

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In Person
Drama, Comedy
Hull and York, England, June 2005

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by Amanda Whittington
Director by Cathy De Vries


Cameron Oxley
Gavin Fryer
Isabella O'Brien
James Chambers
Rebecca Sharples
Ruth Jordon
Sara McDonald

Red Tree Theatre

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