Red Tree Theatre

Red Tree Theatre

One the Central Coast's newest and most affordable performance venues. 144 tiered seating black box theatre with large foyer and conference spaces.

1 Show
A Party of Apes presents
Party of Apes; Play on Words

After improvising a whole ass play they're about to see if lightning can strike the same place twice, by going bigger and better than before! More laughter, more tears, more abuse dished out by Matt And perhaps even a special guest star

Red Tree Theatre

Wyong Drama Group presents
Clue: On Stage

The classic board game is brought to life in Clue: On Stage!

Wadsworth - Brett Perkins, Yvette - Rebecca Sharples, Miss Scarlet - Georgia Martin, Mrs Peacock - Gabriella McIntosh, Mrs White - Dianne Ormsby, Colonel Mustard - Andy Kabanoff, Professor Plum - Darryl Butler, Mr Green - Stuart Mortimer

Red Tree Theatre

August 18th-27th

Red Tree Theatre presents
Mystery Play #2

`redacted` by `redacted` starring `starring`. A fantastic show about `redcated`

Red Tree Theatre Tickets from $25

Wyong Drama Group presents
A Celebration of Theatre

Wyong Drama Group is proud to announce their upcoming Celebration of Theatre this June.

Red Tree Theatre

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