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A Laugh And A Half

7 Comedians

The 7 Comedians show is a hilarious line-up of seven experienced comedians. More great live comedy at Wyong Milk Factory Tavern!

Wyong Milk Factory Tavern from $25

Laughing Bird Arts Association

Comedy Club

Join us for the opening night of 'Avoca Beach Comedy Club' show packed with some of Australia's funniest comedians.

Avoca Beach Theatre from $25

A-List Entertainment

The Umbilical Brothers


Do you love staring at screens? Are you staring at a screen right now? You should get out more. Specifically to a show that has an enormous screen smack-bang in the middle of it.

Civic Theatre

Be Quick
The Art House

Dave Hughes - Too Good


A night you'll never forget – unfiltered and damn funny

The Art House Theatre from $49

A-List Entertainment

Nurse Georgie Carroll

Sista Flo 2.0 - Georgie has seen it all and is bringing her hilarious award-winning stand-up to The Art House for one night only.

The Art House Theatre from $44

Live Nation and Jubilee Street

Just No


Urzila Carlson has become one of the biggest names in comedy in Australia and New Zealand. Just No! arrives hot on the heels of her last tour It's Personal.

Civic Theatre

Laughing Stock

Randy Feltface - Feltopia


In these uncertain times, you need a voice you can trust. Someone who's travelled the world and knows how to fix it. Courage. Integrity. Other stuff.

On Tour

Newcastle City Hall

Civic Theatre

Danny Bhoy - Now is Not a Good Time

One of the most sparkling wits in the world!

Civic Theatre

State Theatre

Tommy Little - Rapidly Ageing F*ckboy


The reigning dickhead of Australian comedy is back baby, with a brand-new show for 2023

State Theatre from $59

The Quarters

Bull's Hit Artists

This hilarious new entertainment experience features perfectly accurate impersonations of legends of music, movies and more.

The Quarters from $59