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A gripping drama unfolds in real-time as twelve jurors deliberate over the fate of a young man accused of murdering his father.

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Metropolitan Players | Monday, 20 March 2023

Reginald Rose's 12 Angry Men, first produced as a teleplay in 1954 and later adapted for the stage and screen, remains one of the most iconic pieces of American theatre. Set in a hot and stuffy jury room, the play explores themes of prejudice, justice, and the nature of truth. The story's enduring popularity and resonance have made it a staple of theatres worldwide, and its influence can be seen in countless films, TV shows, and plays that have followed in its wake.

At the heart of 12 Angry Men is a gripping drama that unfolds in real-time as twelve jurors deliberate over the fate of a young man accused of murdering his father.
As the jurors argue and debate, their prejudices and biases are laid bare, and the play becomes a powerful commentary on the American justice system and the human condition itself. Rose's skillful writing and character development make each juror a fully-realized individual with his own quirks, beliefs, and motivations. From the obstinate Juror 3 to the logical Juror 4, each character contributes to the intense and dramatic story.

The play's enduring popularity is due in large part to its timeless themes and message.
The story speaks to the fundamental human desire for fairness and justice, and the danger of allowing prejudice and bias to cloud our judgment. The characters' struggles to overcome their own biases and to listen to each other echo the challenges we face in our daily lives, making the play feel as relevant today as it did when it was first written.

In addition to its powerful message, 12 Angry Men has also become a masterclass in theatre acting.
The play's minimalist set and focus on dialogue place a heavy burden on the actors to bring the story to life, and the performances must be nuanced and believable for the play to succeed. The tension and drama of the story require exceptional acting skills, and many productions of the play have featured all-star casts that showcase the best of theatre talent.

Beyond its success as a play, 12 Angry Men has also had a significant impact on popular culture.
The story has been adapted into films, TV shows, and stage productions all over the world, and the characters and themes have become ingrained in our collective consciousness. The play has also been used in classrooms and educational settings to teach critical thinking and the importance of civil discourse.

12 Angry Men remains one of the most important pieces of theatre produced in the 20th century.
Its timeless themes, powerful message, and masterful writing and acting have ensured its place in the canon of great American plays, and its continued popularity and influence speak to its enduring relevance. As audiences around the world continue to discover and engage with this iconic work, it is clear that 12 Angry Men will remain a vital part of our cultural landscape for years to come.

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“12 Angry Men” is a play by Reginald Rose adapted from his 1954 teleplay of the same title.
A 1957 feature film adaptation, produced and written by Rose himself, was directed by Sidney Lummet and received 3 Academy Awards nominations, including Best Picture. It was first staged in a 1964 London production and then many years later on Broadway. It was revived on Broadway in 2004 then the West End in 2013. The Broadway revival in 2004 received 3 Tony Award nominations and it won a Drama Desk Award, an Outer Critics Circle Award and the Drama League Award for Outstanding Revival of a play. There was also a hugely successful Australian production that toured to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and it won 3 Melbourne Green Room Awards and a nomination for Best Play at the Helpmann Awards. Some of the cast included Shane Bourne, Peter Phelps, Marcus Graham and Henri Szeps.

The drama depicts a jury forced to consider a homicide trial.
A young delinquent is on trial for the murder of his aggressive father. The judge has directed the jury to find the boy guilty if there is no reasonable doubt. They have also been instructed that a guilty verdict will be accompanied by a mandatory death sentence. At the beginning, eleven of the jurors declare there is no reasonable doubt, but one of them, while far from convinced of the boy's innocence, feels that some of the evidence against him has been ambiguous. This starts a series of intense discussions between the jurors that reveals their personalities and their reasons for discriminating against the defendant such as his race, background and the troubled relationship between juror and his own son. It is the one dissenter's job to try and gradually win over the other jurors to a unanimous not-guilty verdict.

So, does the jury come to a unanimous verdict? You need to come and see this gripping play to find out.
Even though the play is set in 1954 it is still just as relevant today as the role of the jury hasn't changed – they are to ensure that justice is done.

Civic Theatre is presenting 12 Angry Men at Civic Playhouse Wed, 22nd to 25th March

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