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The Norman Conquests is a trilogy of plays by British playwright Alan Ayckbourn, first performed in 1973. Each of the three plays, entitled Table Manners, Living Together, and Round and Round the Garden, takes place over the same weekend and in the same house, but focuses on the events and conversations of different characters. The trilogy is often considered one of Ayckbourn's masterpieces, and has been hailed for its razor-sharp wit and insightful commentary on human relationships.

Table Manners, the first play in the trilogy, centers around the character of Norman, who has arranged a weekend getaway with his sister-in-law Annie, in hopes of starting an affair with her.
As the weekend progresses, the other characters - including Annie's brother Reg, his wife Sarah, and the local veterinarian Tom - become embroiled in a series of misunderstandings, secrets, and betrayals. Themes of desire, temptation, and infidelity run throughout the play, as the characters grapple with their own inner demons and desires.

Living Together, the second play in the trilogy, shifts the focus to the interactions between Norman and his wife Ruth, as well as the other characters who have gathered at the house.
This play is particularly notable for its exploration of the complexities of marriage, as Ruth and Norman struggle to come to terms with their own feelings and their relationships with each other. The play also delves into themes of family dynamics, with the various characters jostling for position and asserting their own desires and needs.

Round and Round the Garden, the final play in the trilogy, takes place outside in the garden, and focuses on the relationship between Norman and Annie, as well as the various characters who have joined them outside.
The play is particularly notable for its exploration of the interplay between love and commitment, as the characters grapple with the various conflicts and tensions that arise in their relationships.

The Norman Conquests is a masterful exploration of human relationships and the complexities of desire, commitment, and love.
The plays are renowned for their clever dialogue, nuanced characterizations, and incisive commentary on the human condition. While each play stands on its own, they are all interconnected, offering a multi-faceted and deeply compelling portrait of the interactions and relationships between a group of flawed and complex individuals.

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Annie has arranged to spend an illicit weekend away with her sister Ruth's husband Norman.
Her brother Reg and his wife Sarah have been asked to look after their invalid mother and the house without being aware of the real circumstances. What ensues is a dysfunctional family gathering filled with confusion, conclusion-jumping and mayhem! And very little food!!

Pymble Players is presenting Table Manners at Pymble Players Theatre Wed, 9th August to Sun, 3rd September '23

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