Red Tree Theatre | Sunday, 19 February 2023

Tickets Now On Sale for The Sound of Music, Presented by Red Tree Theatre

Red Tree Theatre is pleased to announce that tickets are now on sale for the classic stage musical, The Sound of Music.
This timeless production will be on stage at the Red Tree Theatre from May, and is directed by Joshua Maxwell with musical direction by Vivienne McLaren.

Based on the beloved story of the von Trapp family, The Sound of Music is a timeless tale of love, family, and music.
This iconic musical is filled with unforgettable songs, including "Do-Re-Mi," "My Favorite Things," and "Climb Ev'ry Mountain," and has been entertaining audiences for over 60 years.

Red Tree Theatre's production of The Sound of Music stars Sophie Booth as Maria Reiner and Daniel Widdowson as Captain von Trapp.
Booth's stunning vocals and captivating performance are sure to bring the character of Maria to life, while Widdowson's commanding presence on stage is sure to make the character of Captain von Trapp unforgettable.

Director Joshua Maxwell brings his own unique vision to this classic production, while musical director Vivienne McLaren ensures that the music is performed to perfection.
The production promises to be a visual and auditory feast, with breathtaking sets and costumes, and outstanding performances from the entire cast.

Don't miss your chance to experience the magic of The Sound of Music on stage at Red Tree Theatre.
Tickets are available now and can be purchased online or at the box office. This is a production that is not to be missed, so book your tickets now to avoid disappointment. Follow the links below for details and tickets.

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The Sound of Music is a musical with music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, and a book by Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse.
The musical is based on the real-life story of the von Trapp Family Singers, and it takes place in Austria in the late 1930s, just before the outbreak of World War II.

The musical follows the story of Maria, a young woman who is sent to work as a governess for the von Trapp family.
Maria struggles to connect with the children at first, but soon wins them over with her love of music and her kind-hearted nature. As Maria becomes more involved in the family's life, she also begins to fall in love with the father, Captain von Trapp.

Featuring a memorable and iconic score, including popular songs such as "The Sound of Music," "My Favorite Things," "Do-Re-Mi," and "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." The performances are lively and energetic, and the cast delivers strong performances.
The sets and costumes are grand and fitting for the 1930s setting of the musical.

The Sound of Music is a classic and beloved musical that has been performed and adapted for stage, film, and television.
It's a heart-warming and uplifting story that resonates with audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The musical is set in a variety of locations including the von Trapp's house and Salzburg, and it's filled with memorable music, dance and love story that will stay with the audience long after the curtain falls.


Red Tree Theatre is presenting The Sound of Music at Red Tree Theatre Thu, 11th to 27th May '23

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