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Big Bike Film Night 2024

Saturday, 8 June 2024 Avoca Beach Theatre

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The Bike Bike Film Night 2024! Fri 16th Aug 7pm www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1214171

Let the good times roll! The Big Bike Film Night is riding into town, on its mission to bring the best cycling short films from around the world together for you.

Showcasing our 2024 collection that has everything a cycle-centric audience could want - action, drama, humour, and plenty of inspiration; the evening is unashamedly and utterly, utterly, utterly designed and devised for the two-wheel devotee!

There's always an air of mystique about The Big Bike Film Night; we're not your typical mainstream film festival, we're left field and damn proud of it.

Treasuring where a bike can take you, our annual curated collection of short bike films is devised and designed to delight the two-wheel devotee in celebrating the fun, the adventure, and the inspiration that cycling enables.

We don't reveal what films go into our collections; just like riding a bike it's the journey and not the destination that is important, but here are some insights..

The Big Bike Film Night.

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