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That's a wrap on Saplings On Sunday 4 Feb

Tuesday, 6 February 2024 Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp)
Australian Theatre for Young People (atyp)

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That's a wrap on Saplings

On Sunday 4 Feb, the Saplings cast performed their hearts out to a sold-out theatre for their final performance of the season.
A huge congratulations to this group of talented young performers, you have given your everything to this show and have paid so much respect to the stories and experiences that make Saplings so authentic.

Congratulations to the creative team that poured their hearts into the writing, direction, stage design, costumes, sound, music, lighting and production of Saplings.
Your work brought so much life into this show and created an intimate and vibrant storytelling environment.

Thank you to Youth Action for recognising the stories that needed to be told and working with us to authentically represent the struggles young people face.
Thank you to Sydney Festival for putting us in the program, and a huge thank you to our sponsors and community partners Create NSW, The Office for Regional Youth, Midjuburi Youth Resource Centre, Miyay Birray Youth Services, Youth Off The Streets, and Street University.

Thank you to the front-of-house team, particularly the volunteers who dedicated their time to assisting us.

Our biggest thank you goes to the young people who gave us their stories.
Thank you for allowing us to act as a voice on your behalf, and we hope you feel seen and heard through this show.

And our last thank you goes to you, our loving community that came to watch and support the stories and experiences of young people.
This is not the last you'll see of Saplings

Clare Hawley.

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