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Monday, 18 September 2023 Avoca Beach Theatre
Avoca Beach Theatre

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SELLING FAST! BEN LEE vs THE COLLAPSE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY Thu 5th Oct at 7:30pm - https://events.humanitix.com/ben-lee

SELLING FAST! BEN LEE vs THE COLLAPSE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY Thu 5th Oct at 7:30pm - events.humanitix.com/ben-lee

In one corner, we have an industry all but obliterated by corporate interests, streaming platforms and a pandemic, now overtaken by conformity, materialism and fear.
In the other, stands a solitary figure, an unpredictable maverick born of the name Ben Lee, preparing to dance, to bob and weave one more time, as the crowd holds its collective breath, opening their mouths only to gasp in awe, or to munch on popcorn, while simultaneously checking their social media applications.

What does it take for a musician/storyteller/raconteur to not only survive, but thrive, under the current conditions? This is a concert experience that will reveal all as audiences around Australia witness with their own eyes this freak of nature, now over three decades into his career, reviving the songs that made him a household name, mixed in with new material that Rolling Stone Magazine recently labelled the best of his career , all delivered with his trademark am I joking or not? sense-of-humour and a relationship to singing on key that can only be called approximate.
Our hero promises crowds an evening of music, storytelling and pure entertainment.

Ben Lee #lovecentralcoastnsw.

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